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Serena wanted to do virtual cooking classes, but she didn't know where to start and she was intimidated by setting up the technology. With help from airsubs she has built a thriving virtual cooking school that is her largest source of income.
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"Virtual cooking classes have been a professional highlight. They are so fun and now they are my primary source of income."

Serena Wolf

I want to teach but I don't know how

Before the pandemic, you may have known Serena Wolf through her blog (Domesticate Me), her cookbooks (the Due Diet Series), her Instagram where she has over 50,000 followers, her podcast (Spiraling), or one of her many other accomplishments in the world of food.

With everyone stuck at home during quarantine, many of Serena's followers reached out to her to request virtual cooking classes. She wanted to do them. It sounded like like a great way to get her community together for fun, interactive experiences. And it sounded like a great way to make some extra income.

But she didn't know where to start. And she was intimidated by setting up all the technology to pull it off. How was she going to post her schedule of classes? How would she keep track of sign ups, accept payments, deliver confirmation emails, create and send zoom links, email her attendees the recipes, issue refunds, collect reviews, not to mention all the other things she hadn't thought of yet?

That's where airsubs came in to help.

Serena uses airsubs to effortlessly manage her virtual cooking school, and her monthly membership, Serena's Cooking Club. She focuses on what matters -- having fun classes, and earning money -- and she leaves the less fun work -- tech, payments, customer support -- to airsubs. The team at airsubs is there every step of the way to help her build her community and run classes that are a joy.

Serena has built a thriving virtual cooking school. Every month, hundreds of home cooks join Serena for zoom cooking classes, and it's become her primary source of income.

What does a virtual cooking school look like

Serena's virtual cooking school brings hundreds of people from around the world together virtually to learn recipes, cook, and have fun.

She hosts 3 to 4 classes per month. Classes are 1.5 hours long and usually take place around 7pm ET during the week between Monday and Thursday.

Each class usually consists of 1-2 recipes and a cocktail. Serena mostly teaches recipes from her blog and cookbooks, although she has done some new recipe development when she's been inspired.

The classes happen on zoom. Classes are interactive, with people unmuting themselves to ask questions, or adding questions to the chat box. The energy is positive and relaxed. It feels like a fun dinner party with an expert host and teacher in Serena. She typically has between 75 and 250 people in each class.

People who are interested in taking classes can sign up for an individual class for $30, or they can sign up for a membership for $29 per month which saves their spot in every class and gives them access to Serena's on-demand video library with the recordings of every class she has ever taught.

Overall, the classes are so much fun. Come join one and see for yourself!

"My die hard cooking class students are now my Instagram super fans. They're really invested."

Serena Wolf

Virtual classes increase engagement and help you grow

Serena's zoom cooking classes are a new, interactive way for her to engage with her community. The classes are a fun and immersive experience. After 1.5 hours of learning, cooking and laughing, the people who take classes become deeply engaged members of the community, and they support every area of Serena's business.

Teaching cooking classes helps Serena grow her Instagram following because people share photos of the classes, which leads other people to discover her. Teaching classes helps Serena sell more cookbooks as people taste how delicious her recipes are after making them together. Teaching classes helps Serena grow her community through word-of-mouth as people tell their friends about her classes. Teaching classes helps Serena grow her email list so she can reach this wider audience on and off of Instagram.

Diversifying income streams and generating recurring revenue

After teaching classes for a few months, Serena launched Serena's Cooking Club, which is a monthly membership where people can sign up for unlimited access to her live and recorded cooking classes. The monthly membership has grown to several hundred members.

This membership has helped Serena build a six-figure virtual cooking school with consistent, steady, recurring revenue. She can predict how much money she will earn per month based on the number of members she has and the price they are paying.

The best part is that it's all hers! She owns the virtual cooking school and people are paying her directly for a product they adore. She no longer has to rely on sponsored posts, book publishers, algorithms, or other third parties to run her business.

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