Poaching is another quick, easy and clean way to prepare fish. The trick is making a poaching liquid that is delicious and worth enjoying on its own. In this class you’ll learn how to poach fish properly without over- or under-cooking, and how to make a one pot meal out of the process. Come learn more about how to buy fish, prepare and poach fish and how to make a poaching liquid that is worthy of your dinner table. It’s a method of cooking that you can apply to almost all fish. To accompany this recipe, we’ll make a delicious Asian slaw to round out the meal. And at the end… you’ll have a delicious dinner on the table and no fishy odor in your house.
Refunds available 24 hours from start of the class

Where is class?

Classes are hosted on Zoom. You can join from your computer, tablet or phone.

What to bring?

Everything you need will be included in your confirmation e-mail after you sign up for class.

How do I get the class link?

The zoom link will be sent to you in your confirmation e-mail after you sign up for class.

Do I have to talk?

No! You can talk as much as you'd like or not at all.

Can I turn my camera off?

Of course - while it's usually more fun to have your camera on you are more than welcome to keep it off.

Can I ask questions?

Yes - questions are encouraged.

Are classes fun?

YES! Try it out. You won't be disappointed.