Because Taco Tuesdays are the best Tuesdays, we're whipping up some fiery fish or steak tacos (or do half and half for a surf & turf situation!) topped with a slightly unexpected and wildly delicious pomegranate-pistachio guacamole with tart-sweet pomegranate margaritas in hand! Come party with me and practice some valuable knife skills, learn how to handle a pomegranate, and pick up plenty of cooking tips and tricks to boost your kitchen game. *This class is dairy-free and is easily adapted to be gluten-free. If you don't eat seafood or steak, a chicken option will be provided.
Refunds available up to 24 hours before class starts
This class will be recorded and available to watch afterwards.
Free recording access for participants.

Where is class?

Classes are hosted on Zoom. You can join from your computer, tablet or phone.

What to bring?

Everything you need will be included in your confirmation e-mail after you sign up for class.

How do I get the class link?

The zoom link will be sent to you in your confirmation e-mail after you sign up for class.

Do I have to talk?

No! You can talk as much as you'd like or not at all.

Can I turn my camera off?

Of course - while it's usually more fun to have your camera on you are more than welcome to keep it off.

Can I ask questions?

Yes - questions are encouraged.

Are classes fun?

YES! Try it out. You won't be disappointed.