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95 min

Plant Based Dinner Party: Date Night Menu

''Love for food - Food for love'' DATE NIGHT MENU: Strawberry Kombucha Mojito Mocktail Walnut Meat Tacos Quesadillas & Queso Cheese Sauce Chocolate Black Bean Brownies & Strawberries There is no better gift to your loved one than the gift of your time and presence while sharing a delicious home-cooked and uninterrupted romantic meal together. There is so much fun, exploration, and pleasure to be enjoyed from preparing and sharing a delicious meal together. Join Thara and me for this special 'Date Night' cooking class experience LIVE from our Jungle Villa in Phuket. We will be slicing, chopping, mixing, simmering, kneading, teasing, playing, tasting, and sharing some new techniques and recipes you can try out for your date night! Get creative in the kitchen while exploring new techniques and flavors. Quick, ready-made, and convenience meals are just a shortcut to satisfying your desire and hunger. There is so much pleasure and satisfaction in preparing and sharing a full-tasting menu together as a couple. Explore new ingredients and flavors together; maybe there are some ingredients you tried before and thought you did not like - maybe you like them now when you taste them in a new environment? Maybe you would like to experiment with trying new flavor combinations that you had only dreamed of before... A good tasting menu should always start off slowly, it's not a race to the petit 4's! Take some time to savor each bite and course mindfully. Utilize and engage all your senses to smell, taste, touch, see, hear and feel the dish you are consuming. Throughout the tasting menu experience, your hunger levels will fluctuate - some dishes will be so delicious, you will find it difficult to hold yourself back from finishing the dish and satisfying your hunger... but if you slow down and pace your self you can enjoy several more courses, with flavor combinations you never tasted before. Join us LIVE for this fun 'Date Night' cooking class, or you can view the class recording after. It will be available in our On-Demand library. The full tasting menu recipes will be emailed to you after class booking confirmation. Invite your partner to join, we can ZOOM anyone in from around the world. Class is offered for FREE, you are welcome to leave a donation at your discretion. See you in class! Jamie & Thara
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