You will only need a Single Kettlebell 5 weeks / 4 Workouts per week with Demos The focus for your next 5 weeks will be on improving your Single Kettlebell movements. Each week will provide you with the strength & knowledge needed to conquer the following weeks to come. Workouts last between 45 - 60 minutes. Sample Workout: A. x 3 5 Left x (Swing + Clean + Press = 1) 5 Right x (Swing + Clean + Press = 1) 10 x Goblet Reverse Lunge (Total Reps) 5 x Goblet Squat B. x 3 20 sec Waiters Hold 20 sec Rack Hold 20 sec Farmers Hold *repeat on opposite arm then complete a 30 sec Low Plank C. 12-10-8-6-4 -Push Up + Shoulder Tap -Hand to Hand Swings (Total Reps) -Squat Jumps (No KB) Recommended weights Based on your current strength Level Women 12kg to 18kg / 25lb to 40lb Men 16kg to 32kg / 35lb to 70lb Once you master one Kettlebell you'll be ready for more.