Wolffia is the worlds smallest flowering plant. The compact body of Wolffia is packed with protein and all the goodies with minimum fat or starch -- think of it as a lean, fit athlete. It's mild yet distinct flavour with a hint of sweet-vegetable scent ensures a die-hard group of Wolffia lovers, for those who have grown up eating Wolffia. This is no wonder why Wolffia is no longer a Thai’s kept-secret, but has been acclaimed around the world as the next best superfood. Wolffia Globosa is an excellent source of protein. It's loaded with Fiber, Minerals & Vitamins. THE FUTURE OF FOOD Due to its small form, Wolffia globosa resembles tiny green beads that can seldom be spotted growing rapidly on the surface of fresh, clean water. “Pum” or “Khai Nam,” as it is called locally in Thailand. Wolffia Globosa is a wonder food that has been featured in the exquisite Northern and North Eastern Thai cuisine for centuries. Its unique rootless & leafless body ensures that Wolffia focuses its energy on growth and accumulation of essential nutrients. Many studies also confirm that the amino acid profile of Wolffia provides high quality protein that is more similar to the meat and dairy diet, containing high BCAA and sulfur amino acids that are traditionally lacking in typical plant-based proteins. Recommended portion of Wolffia Globosa: 150g This equates to the following comparisons... Protein = 2 cups of kale Fiber = 7 medium stalks of celery Vitamin B12 = 12 large eggs Vitamin E = 13 large strawberries Calcium = 4.5 cups of spinach Iron = 10 cups of broccoli Phosphorus = 1 cup of soy milk Zinc = 2 cups of green peas Polyphenol = 1 1/3 cups of walnut SPECIAL MASTERCLASS CLASS In this LIVE interactive cooking class Jamie will introduce ''Wolffia Globosa'' and demonstrate how to incorporate this wonderous ingredient into different recipes. SAMPLE MENU: Wofffia smoothie bowl Tabbouleh with wolffia glabosa Thai sum tam 'kai naam'
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