Grab a friend and join us to make our favorite 4th of July Recipes! In this class we'll show you how to shake a proper "Sour" cocktail, talk about why blue cheese and bacon were meant for each other and teach you everything we know about grilling a perfect piece of salmon. MENU * Rhubarb Mezcal Sour Cocktail *Paprika Grilled Salmon Salad *Blue Cheese and Bacon Dip with Veggies In this 90 minute class we'll make everything together from start to finish—except one thing: If you want to shake up a cocktail with us, you'll have to make the rhubarb syrup in advance. Just follow the simple recipe instructions and have it chilled by class time. WHO THIS CLASS IS FOR: Everyone! We do our best to provide substitutions to accommodate different diets, allergies, etc. As always there will be lots of tips and tricks, and variations on the recipes and we'll be sure to answer all your questions.
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