Say hello to our Cooking Club! Each month join us — Kate Ramos of ¡Hola! Jalapeño and Aida Mollenkamp of Salt and Wind Travel — for our virtual cooking class where you can learn, cook, or just watch along as we share our top kitchen tips. Join us to learn all our secrets to making the recipe that put Bologna on the map as the culinary capital of Italy: Lasagna Bolognese! We’ll go over how to make every single element including the bright green pasta sheets, the bechamel sauce, and the ragu bolognese. That means you’ll walk away being able to make this classic dish or just serve one part of it (hello, pasta bolognese!) whenever you’d like! ABOUT THE LASAGNA COOKING CLASS During this (1.5 to 2) hour virtual cooking class, we'll go through each and every step of making the iconic Bolognese lasagna. Chef Kate Ramos, food and travel expert, Aida Mollenkamp will take you step-by-step through the recipes. WHAT YOU'LL LEARN You will learn how to make green spinach pasta, how to form lasagna sheets, the secrets to classic bechamel, and a meat ragu so good you’ll make it on the regular! We will provide a full PDF of the class recipes a few days before class so you can shop for ingredients and either cook along with us or take notes and make them in your own home later. WHAT’S WE’LL MAKE *Grilled Asparagus Salad with Chunky Olive and Chile Dressing *Smashed Olive, Pistachio, Mint and Burrata Bruschetta *Fresh Green Spinach Lasagna Pasta Sheets *Easy Bechamel Sauce *Ragu alla Bolognese *Lasagne alla Bolognese WHO IS THIS FOR: 201 Cooks -- We'll ask you to have all the ingredients prepped as they're called for in the recipes then we'll give you tips for twists and variations on the recipe.
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