Join us for this unique cooking experience with renowned Mexican chef, Rodolfo Castellanos, direct from Oaxaca! Not ready to hop a plane? Enter Armchair Travel — our regularly occurring virtual experiences for fellow food lovers. During this class, we'll be cooking with acclaimed chef Rodolfo Castellanos of the celebrated fine-dining Restaurante Origen in Oaxaca City. The Salt & Wind Team, Kristen Kellogg and Aida Mollenkamp, will be in Oaxaca at the just-opened b&b by Rodolfo and his team. During class, chef will cook with Aida and Kristen and they’ll lead through how to make chef Castellanos’ modern take on chile relleno. THE MENU *Chef Rodolfo's delicious chile Rellenos! WHO THIS CLASS IS FOR: Everyone! As always we'll be making all the dishes in real-time, there will be lots of tips and tricks and variations on the recipes and we'll be sure to answer all your questions. DIET: This class is gluten-free and dairy-free adaptable WHAT YOU'LL LEARN We’ll talk about why Oaxaca is such a food lover’s paradise, the importance of native corn to Mexican cuisine, and, of course, we’ll cook! Chef Castellanos is known for his modern takes on classic Mexican dishes and he’ll do just that when he shares his updated take on classic chile Relleno. TICKETS AND DETAILS Click on the link to secure your spot in class. FAQ What Is the Armchair Travel Series? Here at Salt & Wind Travel, we love gathering with fellow food lovers to learn, make, and get inspired. Since we don’t currently have the option to do so IRL, we’re hosting various virtual events from cocktail classes to market tours in our favorite locations from California to Mexico to Italy. We’re very fortunate to have chef Castellanos teach this class who was the winner of Top Chef Mexico and is regarded as one of the country’s best chefs. Thanks to Kristen’s personal connection to chef Castellanos, he is offering to do a class for the Salt & Wind Travel community so you definitely won’t want to miss out! Who is chef Rodolfo Castellanos? Rodolfo Castellanos is an acclaimed chef who was born and raised in Oaxaca, a region celebrated for its rich food traditions. His career is a nod to his cultural background and he’s worked to pay homage to the traditional ingredients and cooking techniques of Oaxaca. He first started cooking at his family’s restaurant, Fuensanta. And he has been most inspired by his mother, Evelia Reyes, from whom he inherited a great palate. For chef, there is nothing better than his mother’s noodle soup, her black mole, or her home-cooked stuffed chiles de agua. As a child, he frequented the market with his mother and she taught him about the varied foods characteristic of the state of Oaxaca. Rodolfo formalized his training by studying at the Culinary Institute of Mexico in Puebla and then won the Turquois scholarship that allowed him to travel as a chef. Throughout the years, he has cooked in kitchens near and far including the Embassy of France, La Mar de Gastón Acurio, and with chefs like Joël Garault in Monte Carlo and Traci Des Jardins in Jardinier in San Francisco. In 2011 he opened his first restaurant, Origen, a modern restaurant that serves as a point of reference in the parade of gastronomic tourism that exists when one visits Oaxaca. In 2016, chef Castellanos gained national acclaim when he became the winner on the first edition of Top Chef Mexico. How does Team Salt & Wind Travel know chef Castellanos? Kristen is the Creative Director at Salt & Wind Travel and you probably already know she’s a talented filmmaker, a travel expert, and a Mexican food lover. What you might not know is that once upon a time Kristen lived on Nantucket Island where she worked with a very talented Mexican chef who introduced her to Oaxaca. That chef trained under Rodolfo and eventually introduced Rodolfo and Kristen. Between playing ‘fixer’ for Kristen’s video productions in Oaxaca and connecting her with all the best people to bumping into each other not-so-randomly in Mexico City, Kristen has had various food experiences thanks to the chef. She is so excited to be hosting this class with chef Castellanos and is excited to be cooking in one of her favorite Mexican destinations: Oaxaca. What is the format of the class? This class will be taught virtually via Zoom with Kristen and chef Castellanos on location at Restaurante Origen in Oaxaca City. They’ll lead you through the cuisine of Oaxaca and all the tricks to master chef Castellanos chile relleno recipe.
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